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Quality of Place - Muhlenberg County Kentucky

Though small enough to provide a solid sense of community, Muhlenberg County is progressive in its offering of solid entertainment and activities to appeal to any taste. Home to true southern hospitality, Muhlenberg County Kentucky welcomes you to our little slice of Paradise.

Muhlenberg County boasts excellent schools, healthcare and cost of living. Very affordable housing is available from apartments and starter homes to country estates. Utility costs are also very affordable.

Although Muhlenberg County is over 400 miles from the Gulf of Mexico, its weather is influenced by the warm moist air masses from the south. The weather overall is somewhat southern while still offering 4 distinct seasons.

Climate in Muhlenberg County Kentucky

Normal (30-year record) 56 degrees
Average Annual, (2007) 58.4 degrees
Record Highest, July 1954 (67-year record) 105 degrees
Record Lowest, February 1951 (67-year record) -23 degrees
Normal Heating Degree Days (30-year record) 4,617
Normal Cooling Degree Days (30-year record) 1,422
Normal (30-year record)
44.27 inches
Mean Annual Snowfall (30-year record) 14.2 inches
Total Precipitation, 2007 37.79 inches
Mean Number of Days Precipitation (0.01 inch or more) (30-year record) 116.7
Mean Number of Days Thunderstorms (60-year record) 43.5
Prevailing Winds West Southwest
Relative Humidity (30-year record)  
12 midnight 80 percent
6 a.m. 83 percent
12 noon 59 percent
6 p.m. 63 percent
Note: Heating degree day totals are the sums of positive departures of average daily temperature from 65 degrees F.
Cooling degree day totals are the sum of negative departures of average daily temperature from 65 degrees F.
Source: U.S. Department of Commerce, National Climatic Data Center, Local Climatological Data, 2007.
Station of record: Evansville Regional Airport, Evansville, IN.

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location of Muhlenberg Kentucky

Percent of US Within 600 Miles of Muhlenberg County, Kentucky...
Population 50%+
(within 120 miles of the Median Center of US Population)
Personal Income 56%
Retail Sales 41%
Manufacturing Employment 51%

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