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Muhlenberg County Kentucky Logistical Snapshot

Muhlenburg Kentucky is located in the center of the esatern United States' industrial and consumer markets, and within 600 miles of over 60% of the nation’s population, personal income, and manufacturing.

According to Ball State University’s Center for Business & Economic Research, Kentucky is in the Top Five of all States in the category of Global Position.

Distance to Selected Major Markets


Nashville, TN 91 miles
146.5 km
Louisville, KY 124 miles
199.5 km
Indianapolis, IN 241 Miles
388 km
St. Louis, MO 249 miles
401 km
Cincinnati, OH 228 miles
367 km
Atlanta, GA 334 miles
537.5 km
Chicago, IL 364 miles
586 km


Median Center of Population Map for Muhlenberg Kentucky
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Median Center of US Population...

Muhlenberg County Kentucky is within 120 miles of the Median Center of US Population, that point at which 1/2 of the population is north or south and 1/2 of the population is east or west. This is just one indication of the county’s excellent location for distribution of products and services.

Unstable fuel costs and surcharges can be brutal on your profits. Locating in Muhlenberg County Kentucky near the Median Center of US Population can help to reduce this drain on the logistical side of your balance sheet.


Time in Transit from Muhlenberg County Kentucky
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Time in Transit from Muhlenberg County

Our central location is ideal for companies that rely on FEDEX and UPS ground delivery services, as exhibited by the UPS map to the left. Compare ground transit times via FEDEX and UPS from your zip code and ours (42330). Then call us (1-800-401-7683) for information on available sites and buildings. We look forward to hearing from you!


600 miles
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60 Minute Travel Time

The image to the left shows how far you can drive within an hour of Greenville. This distance is a good indication of how far most people are willing to drive for employment and shopping on a regular basis.


map indicating towns within a 6 hour drive of Muhlenberg County kentucky
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600 Mile, 7 - 8 Hour Travel Time

This image shows how Muhlenberg County is situated from a drive time standpoint. Our excellent connections to the parkway system put trucks onto the highway fast and enables drivers to reach major manufacturing and distribution markets such as Atlanta, Birmingham, St. Louis and Peoria, to name just a few.


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Rail in Muhlenberg County Kentucky

The map to the left illustrates the rail currently in commercial use through Muhlenberg County Kentucky.


Image under construction

The Green River

Muhlenberg County is blessed with a significant physical feature in the Green River. It has the potential for again becoming a significant economic development engine for the county and the region.

The terminals, ports, and COFC/TOFC facilities operating in Kentucky are further strengthened through their close association with a statewide network of ports of entry and foreign trade zones. Each of these systems offers unique services that can be of particular value to companies choosing to do business in the Bluegrass State. Current Kentucky riverports are shown to the left.


Muhlenberg County Airport
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Muhlenberg County Airport is a well equipped facility with a 5000 ft. x 75 ft. paved airway with a full parallel taxiway and a newly updated lighting system that makes night travel much safer. The runway has just recently received a new topcoat of asphalt making for a very nice looking and smoother surface. The airport has a GPS instrument approach that facilitates air traffic during times of low visibility. A courtesy car service is available for travelers to visit local places of business. The new terminal is equipped with a pilot lounge, flight planning room, kitchen, lobby, and board room. The flight planning room, kitchen and restrooms are available for late travelling pilots using a code pad entrance. Normal hours of operation are Mon. thru Fri.  9:00am to 5:00 pm. After hours service can be arranged by contacting Ralph ORear, airport manager at 270-338-9419 in the office or (270) 871-8996 cell number. 

The airport has Jet A and LL100 aviation fuel. Both Jet A and LL100 are available "self service" for after hours needs. Wilson Flying Service provides several levels of flight instruction, and nearby Douglas Aviation does aircraft maintenance. 

Muhlenberg County Airport currently houses PHI Air Medical, a premium full-service air ambulance provider and EAA Chapter 1184 which annually conducts the "Young Eagles" program providing free rides to children ages 7-17. The EAA Chapter also does Young Eagle programs in other Counties that are not serviced by an EAA Chapter and does special flights for groups in the County.  

Daily commuter service is available at nearby Paducah Barkley Regional Airport and the Owensboro-Daviess County Airport.

Owensboro-Daviess County Regional Airport offers two non-stop flights weekly via Allegiant Airlines to Orlando, Florida and has recently added flights to Las Vegas. In addition, daily flights to Nashville, TN are offered by Kentucky Skies airline.




location of Muhlenberg Kentucky

Percent of US Within 600 Miles of Muhlenberg County, Kentucky...
Population 50%+
(within 120 miles of the Median Center of US Population)
Personal Income 56%
Retail Sales 41%
Manufacturing Employment 51%

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Median Center of US Population
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