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Muhlenberg County Kentucky Welcomes Your Business

Muhlenberg County’s “get it done attitude” is alive and well in its ongoing efforts to attract and retain jobs and investments. This attitude transcends throughout its elected leadership, business leaders and residents. The Muhlenberg Alliance for Progress has embraced this attitude and will step up to the plate for you to make every effort in meeting your needs when you choose a Muhlenberg County location.

Quite simply, Muhlenberg County and the state of Kentucky want your business, and, we want to help insure its success long into the future. Talk to us, we have answers as to where your business can thrive.


Note: All services are free-of-charge and all information related to facility location projects will be kept STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL.


location of Muhlenberg Kentucky

Percent of US Within 600 Miles of Muhlenberg County, Kentucky...
Population 50%+
(within 120 miles of the Median Center of US Population)
Personal Income 56%
Retail Sales 41%
Manufacturing Employment 51%

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